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21 Day Career Champion Course

The Who, What When, Where, Why & How to Becoming the Champion of Your Career or Business | taught by Silvica Rosca
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Course description

The 21 Day Career Champion Course is for the go-getters who are ready to become the champions of their career, business, and life. It was created in conjunction with 55+ brave champions across all industries and stages in their careers and merged with the lessons that I have learned in my 10+ years of experience in the defense industry. Are you ready to become a champion?

In 21 days, learn how to project confidence, lead through influence, and be the CHAMPION of your career and business. This is the who, what, where, when, why, and HOWs (yes, multiple hows) to taking charge of your life and career. The 5 W's give you a foundation and direction, the Hows give you the force and momentum to get to your destination.

Get ready to:

  • Discover your driving force (the WHY that keeps you going against all odds)
  • Deep dive into who you are and who you need to be in order to achieve the career and business success you want
  • Identify what you truly want to accomplish in your career or business.
  • Learn how to leverage your past "mistakes" and successes to move your forward
  • The 3 keys actions to actually accomplishing what you set out to do

These are the same principles I used to drive me forward in two key situations:

#1 Career – I was placed in a new job role and within 12 months experienced 3 re-organizations, 4 new managers, became the most senior member of my group and helped my new manager through our month and quarter end processes.

#2 Business – Launching my own coaching business using the power of social media

The course consists of 7 virtual coaching sessions, jam-packed with knowledge and action steps. Each session includes an action worksheet.

What do people have to say about it?

"Having 30+ years experience in the Life Coaching and Business Consulting fields, I am truly impressed with the rich content of your 21-day Challenge and how you have packaged and delivered it. Many programs these days only offer rhetorical information that few people can actually use. You have a rare gift...the ability to connect and communicate with participants in a way that transfers the skills you are teaching, so that they can take action and actually change their outcomes in career and in life."

-K.W. MacGregor, Santa Fe, NM

"Silvica Rosca truly knows how to help you gap the bridge between big dreams, using small steps. The quality of her program is a mastermind for any individual pursuing a higher standard of living. Her mindset performance coaching approach is pragmatic while creating a pathway to help you live a life of continual growth, not just accomplishing temporary goals.

-C. Antemie, Orange County, CA

Silvica Rosca
Silvica Rosca
Leadership & Mental Performance Coach

Silvica Rosca is a leadership and mental performance coach. She helps empower men & women by equipping them to tackle the biggest problem a person faces: The Mental Game. Using techniques that have been tested on elite athletes for the past 30 years, her 15 years of experience as a leader in non-profit organizations, and her 10 years of experience in the defense industry, she helps her clients set the mental foundation, develop winning habits, and step into confidence to become more powerful, influential, and caring leaders.